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Sunday, March 30, 2008

More about housing

I've been continuing to ponder what to do about my housing situation. I'm really not sure that I will be ready to buy a home by the time my lease is up in September. My main thinking on this is that my current detail at my job will be over at the same time, and I will be either returning to my old job or (hopefully) starting a new job. I don't know that I want the stress of a new job and moving all at the same time, especially when I won't know exactly what kind of money I will be making.

I'm pondering the roommate thing - seeing if I can find someone that I know who'd be willing to move in for a while. I'm thinking of just renting out the room, charging a bit less than half rent, but not having to worry about moving all the furniture I already have in the other rooms. Of course, the roommate would be welcome to use all the rooms in the house (save for my bedroom), but that prevents me from having to move or get rid of any of the other furniture that I have.

I've been doing some intense decluttering in preparation. I've been cleaning out my closets and my drawers, and I have a pretty decent sized pile of clothing to take to Goodwill when I get the chance. It's a good feeling to be getting rid of all of these items, things that I know I will never wear again. The goal is to be able to empty all the things out of the second bedroom so that I can take on a roommate if necessary, and it's easier to do it slowly rather than all at once.

1 comment:

DINKS said...

oh man, yeah i bet you're feeling SUPER clean and clutter-free after doing all that of that!

Congrats, it's def. not the most exciting thing to do, but does get you motivated to continue :)