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Friday, March 28, 2008

No really, you don't need a sign to tell me it's more expensive

I had the day off work today, so I took the opportunity to hit the grocery store while it was nice and quiet and uncrowded.

I knew that prices would likely be a bit higher than I was used to, and I also needed to replenish a few things that I buy infrequently, so I figured my bill would be higher. What I wasn't expecting were all the signs around the grocery store essentially saying "We know prices are higher, but it's not our fault!"

The first one I saw was by the bananas. Apparently, due to bad weather, the banana crop is not as good as usual, and so prices are up, but don't worry, the grocery store is dedicated to finding you the best at the best price.

I didn't see any signs through much of the rest of the store. Potato chips and soda are still priced so that we can buy them and get as fat as possible. Good to know. Then I got to the dairy case. Signs were posted every two feet or so, telling me that due to all sorts of things, milk prices are up. Additionally, egg prices are up, and sorry, no, we don't expect them to go down any time soon.

It's sad that it's the healthy, staple foods that are rising so quickly in price. I suppose one can live without bananas, but milk and eggs are pretty prevalent in a lot of homes, be they consumed alone or in various recipes. I know that I struggle to keep my budget tight, but I could do better, and if I go over my budget, the world will not end. I have the money to cover, I just might not be able to spend it on something else. A lot of people aren't so lucky.

My plan is to continue with my same grocery budget and to just try to make smart choices in what I buy, watch for price drops, and stay away from convenience foods as much as possible. And shop the farmer's market near my house when it opens in April.

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