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Thursday, April 3, 2008

March Net Worth Update (+0.06%)

As I put together my monthly assets and liabilities table on Tuesday, I thought I was April Fooling myself! I was hoping for a month where I didn't lose too much money.

I actually got very excited when I started entering numbers and realized that for the month of March, I was going to end up with a net worth increase!

Ok, so it's not much. My net worth went up 0.06%. The increase was due to my cash accounts, as my investments dropped a bit, but not as much as I had feared. I'm hoping this new trend continues.

One of my 2008 goals had to do with a percentage net worth increase. So far for 2008, my net worth is still down 2.58%. Not great, but it could be worse. It could be much worse.
Here's to April also moving in an upward direction!

1 comment:

J. Savings said...

Awesome job! I say any amount of $ in the green is better than any in the red, that's for sure :)

i applaud you for staying on top of it!