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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yearly price increases

Thanks to Diet Blog for pointing out this article over at The Cattle Network: The Price of Food: 2007-2008.

Some things aren't a surprise. Eggs up 28.32%. Milk up 15.37%. The price of meat hasn't gone up as much as I thought though. Not that I buy much meat to begin with. The price of celery has doubled, which seems surprising. Some things are down: tangerines, oranges, bacon, and other things. And bacon makes everything better, right?

(Side note - I was in college when McDonalds was having its "Make it bacon" promotion or whatever it was called where you paid an extra amount and they'd put bacon on whatever sandwich you got. A friend of mine convinced them to put bacon in his milkshake. I believe it was just stuck in, not blended. But he ate it anyway.)

Net Worth update to come. I'm a little afraid to see what's happened to my retirement accounts this month.

Abundant Life Spending Spree - $3200
This one was easy. MacBook Pro and all sorts of accompanying software. I've been a PC user all my life, but worked in a Mac lab in college and really would like to try out a Mac for my next computer. It'll be a while before I have the cash saved up, and hopefully it will also be a while until I need to buy a new computer. But hey, if $3200 fell from the sky today, I'd be first in line at the Apple store.


imDavidLee said...

we cannot blame each other and this is inflation jumping that happen on us every year...so wha we have to do is just spend wisely...
i always advise myself that money is hard earned so need to be careful..

mind to exchange link wif me??

Kelly said...


Not sure how to contact you- go ahead and delete this afterwards!

I'm writing you because I know that you have linked to me in the past, and I wanted to let you know about a change in my site. I've been blogging at My $mall C€nts, but I recently switched names to self host a wordpress blog. I would appreciate it if you could replace My $mall C€nts with my new blog Almost Frugal (http://almostfrugal.com) in any links you have.

I'm also going to be holding lots of frugal giveaways over the next few weeks in order to celebrate!

Thanks in advance,