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Monday, June 2, 2008

Use it up!

I spent quite a bit of time yesterday browsing Unclutterer. I was immediately drawn to the site because I love organization and organizational tools. I might not be all that great at staying organized, but I love the idea of it nonetheless. And I'm working towards becoming more organized.

One fun tip I saw was to "use it up." Find yourself with a stockpile of consumables of some sort? Don't buy any more until you've used up what you have. In my efforts to save money, I have created myself a giant stockpile of body wash. I'm not even sure how many bottles I have, but I know they've been with me through multiple moves. I'm pretty good about not buying more, but every so often, I'm just drawn to a new scent or a great sale. But I'm going to do my best to not buy any more until it's gone. Even if it's on sale. Stocking up is one thing, but stocking up to extremes is unnecessary.

I also love all the pictures of workspaces. It makes me want to do a lot of work on my home office! But first things first - I'm still continuing to declutter my home, one small space at a time. After that's done, then I can think bigger.

1 comment:

change is a good thing said...

I love the "use it up" method of being frugal. It's amazing how much longer we can actually go before having to buy more of something if we just put our mind to it! :) Good work!