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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gadget Lust

I freely admit that I am a gadget geek. I am lost without my iPod, and I’m literally lost without my GPS (I have the world’s worst sense of direction). I have gadgets that I wear when I run and gadgets that I use when I cook. The minute my computer starts to flicker, I start pricing out new computers. Do I need any of these things? No. Do I enjoy them? Yes. Of course, many of these things have been received as gifts, or purchased after much planning and saving. This means that I end up creating a fairly extensive gadget wishlist.

I recently had the opportunity to play with an Amazon Kindle, and I think I’m in love. Why? It’s a gadget. It is for reading books (another thing that I love). It is small and compact and lets you carry lots of books around very easily. The screen truly is as easy to read as they say.

Electronic books in Kindle form are significantly cheaper than their paper counterparts. Additionally, I do like reading classics online through Project Gutenberg, but get tired of reading the books on my computer (and don’t want to waste the paper to print them). I would be able to convert these books and read them on a Kindle (still for free), which is definitely a plus for the Kindle.

The downsides? Well, price, for one. Plus any books you buy are electronic. I am working on decluttering my home and weeding out my book collection mainly due to the sheer amount of space that all of these books take up. So the idea of electronic books does appeal on one hand. On the other hand, I get rid of my books by either selling them online or swapping them on Bookmooch or PaperBackSwap. By swapping the books, I get credits to request books from other members. In fact, I get most of my books this way – it’s rare that I buy a book new anymore.

So the end result of my Kindle lust? Well, as I said, I’m a gadget geek, so of course I want one. But right now, it’s on my “I would buy this if I had a million dollars to spend,” but not on my “Save money to buy this!” list. If I traveled a lot for work or spent more time on the metro commuting every day, then it might be more worthwhile, but for now, it would just be a fun toy to have.

Of course, if anyone wants to buy me a Kindle, I’m not going to turn them down!

What sorts of gadgets do you find yourself lusting after?

Abundant Life Spending Spree Day 4 - $200 (sadly, not enough for a Kindle)
With $200 to toss around today, I would buy the X-Files Complete Series dvd set. It’s a show I loved while it aired, and I’m intrigued by the movie coming out this summer. It might be fun to go back and watch the whole series (except maybe not the last season...).


Money Maus said...

My Mom really wants a Kindle - she's not a "gadget" person, but LOVES books. I like your comments on it! I've been intrigued by the Kindle as well...

Mrs. Accountability said...

I love my computer and my digital camera but have never gotten into other tech toys. I tried to get into having a PDA but I couldn't remember to synch it and keep it charged up. It's enough for me to keep track of charging my cell phone. HOWEVER, I did check out the Amazon Kindle the other day and I WANT ONE. However, I don't have that much time for reading, and I rarely buy books, so it will be a long time before I have one, if I ever do.

Tom said...

Why, I'll buy you a Kindle. Will you turn me down? : )

Then again, maybe I'm joking.

Scott said...

My wife wanted a Sony ebook device a couple years ago...and would probably love this Amazon device too. She has a blackberry and an ipod already but wants something to read books. BTW, we both don't have time to read books, so it would probably just sit in the box:)