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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting sucked in

I think I've been on a tight budget a bit too long. I'm finding myself wanting to buy things that I've already decided aren't things I need, at least not at this point. Thankfully, my budget will loosen up a bit after this month (too many weddings and family vacations crammed together), but I still don't plan to be spending just because I feel like it.

The latest draw is Netflix. I've never been a Netflix subscriber. I do like movies though, and I especially like watching movies at home. For the most part, I tend to wait until a movie is available on DVD before seeing it, unless it's something I really want to see or a friend suggests we make an evening of it. I think this year, I've seen Under the Same Moon and The Other Boelyn Girl. That's it. (And I highly recommend Under the Same Moon - excellent movie.) I'll probably go see the upcoming X-Files movie in the theaters, just because that seems to be the sort of movie that would be best on a big screen, plus I was an XF fan for so many years that it seems appropriate.

So I seem like the type of person who Netflix would be great for. I love the idea of being able to create a queue. I love the idea that I don't have to go anywhere to get my movies. I don't love the idea of spending $20 a month for this service. While I like movies, do I actually rent them all that often? No. Maybe twice a month, and as of late, I've been using Redbox and getting them free. InsideRedbox has a list of free rental codes that you can use at Redbox locations. Even if you don't use a code, a rental is only $1 a day. Yes, the selection is limited. But it's $1 a day, or even free! You can't beat that.

I have a fairly sizeable collection of movies and tv on dvd at home, some of which I haven't watched in years. I'm embarassed to admit I even own dvds I've never watched, things that were gifts or picked up on sale. Rather than go the Netflix route, I think I'm going to make it a point to watch every single dvd I own - both tv and movies. Once I do that, then I can consider a Netflix subscription. Or maybe suggest it as a Christmas gift.

It's easy to hear about great products and think "Oh, that's perfect for me!" because you hear the good points and how other people use the product and don't think about how it's going to work for you. I just need to continue to think through my purchases. I think we could all save a lot of money if we just slept on it. 24 hours later, would you still think it was a good idea?


Anonymous said...

There are Netflix plans for lower than $20 a month...but I like your plan to watch all the DVDs you already own. I need to do that!

asgreen said...

I agree. I had netflix for a bit, and then blockbuster, but I've found that I don't have the time to watch the movies, so I canceled it. I agree it is definitely easy to get excited about things you wouldn't really use.

Tom said...

What is with you lately and incredibly long blog posts?


Just kidding... keep up the good work. You're always a joy to read!

Megan said...

And here I thought I was providing better quality posts.

Tom said...

They are great quality.... Kudos!

Cowbark said...

definitely look at the lower priced options for Netflix. I think there's a one at a time unlimited for $10/month of something. My boyfriend and I have two at a time unlimted for $14/month because we don't have cable, so we watch a lot of cable only shows after they've come out on DVD.

With the one at a time unlimited, you could easily have a new DVD every week, if not more often - the trick is remembering to mail them back after you watch them!

Megan said...

I think my point wasn't made clear. I don't need Netflix. I don't need the 3 disc plan or the 1 disc plan. I just seem to always think it's a good idea :)