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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Farmer's Market!

Today, my local Farmer's Market reopened for the season. It was kind of a disappointing showing of vendors, as a number of them don't come until later, when they have more to bring. It is early in the growing season, I suppose.

I picked up some fresh bread, some apples, and some apple butter (I have been waiting for this particular vendor's apple butter for a few months now). I ran to the store afterwards to pick up some odds and ends, and I did some price checking. I really wasn't paying any less than I would pay at the store (save for taxes), but I still felt like I was not only getting better products, but I was doing something good for the community and for the environment. I like supporting local businesses, and I like the fact that my apples weren't trucked all the way across the country and handled by countless people before they made their way onto my plate.

I'm excited to have the market back, and I'm eager to see what other vendors have signed up for the year.

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